USB 3.0 to VGA Cable 6 Feet
usb to vga cable for monitor
usb to vga cable compatible with windows10
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USB 3.0 to VGA Cable 6 Feet

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  • Built-in with FL2000DX chip for stable performance and long life; supports high resolution up to 1920x1080 P @ 60Hz, 1900 x1200 (1080P) over USB 3.0, max working current: 300MA, transmission speed: 5.0Gbps.
  • • ONLY Connect to USB 3.0 Port to get the best performance
  • • ONLY SUPPORT operating system as Windows 10 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 8.1 / 8 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 7;


ONLY Connect to USB 3.0 Port to get the best performance

Gold-plated USB3.0 to VGA adapter cable supports USB 3.0 input and VGA output, provides a solution to connect your USB computer to a large-screen monitor, projector and HDTV; completely external device saves you the cost and hassle of upgrading the internal graphics card.

Warm Tips:

• Before using this cable, you need to install the driver first, otherwise it will not work. You can download the driver and User’s Guide on this page.

• It is best to turn off anti-virus software and lower the firewall level before installing the driver.

• NOT support macOS / Mac OS X, Linux, Windows Vista /XP, Android, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Chromebook, Roku etc.



How to install the drivers for Windows computers?

Make sure you have updated the BIOS and graphics driver to the latest, download the driver from the frescologic official website, then run the driver with the Administrator's permission. You can download the driver and User’s Guide on this page

Is the USB 3.0 port compatible with USB 2.0?

No, this is not compatible with USB 2.0.

When I connect the adapter to a second external display, why does it not work?

It depends on your computer in terms of the number of displays you can connect. For example, MacBook Air 2011 supports only 1 external display while MacBook Air 2015 supports two, so please check your computer configuration before you decide to connect to multiple displays.

My VGA monitor could not work?

(1). Set VGA as your monitor’s input source. Your monitor probably has a different input source, please choose the corresponding VGA port as the input source

(2). Make the connection stable including tightening the VGA screws and the USB 3.0 port.

(3). Install the driver correctly.

USB 3.0 Controller not working or disappears when devices are connected?

This is usually caused by a lack of power to the card.

Many of the cards using our USB 3.0 host controllers have a power connector that needs to be connected to the system power supply. If a power cable is not connected then the controller may show up in the Windows Device manager but disappear when any USB devices are connected to the controller.

Besides, for PCs, remember to connect the back USB 3.0 port not the front USB 3.0 port, because the front one will not provide power for the cable.

How to Mirror or Extend the screen on the Windows system?

“Windows key+P” to mirror or extend the desktop.

If you want to mirror your desktop, make sure the VGA monitor’s resolution fits for the laptop’s resolution. For example, if your laptop’s resolution is 1920*1080P, however, your VGA monitor’s best resolution is 1440*900, you have to make your laptop’s resolution down. You should find the same resolution both your laptop and VGA monitor can accept.

Does the USB 3.0 to VGA Cable support computers with Windows 11?

No, it does not support window11.





Customer Reviews

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Used for third monitor

I used this to have a third monitor. It is easy to install and the driver worked perfectly.

Download the driver, cable works great

I work in two locations - in IT - so my desk at one location gets picked for parts while I’m at the other location… especially stuff like docking stations and keyboards - so I use my laptop and travel mouse with three old monitors no one would take - this cable along with others comprise my “hidden in plain sight” solution - cable worked fine in Win10 with driver from card in package.

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