Today we are market leaders in the industry offering solutions to all your cable needs. CableCreation has now entered major global online shopping platforms including Amazon, Wal-Mart, AliExpress, Tmall, and Sales channels cover more than 100 countries around the world and more than 60 million users choose us. Trusted by audio engineers, musicians, videographers, filmmakers, gamers, business people and more. We always strived to provide quality connections that keep them going, because no one wants to be held back by technology, a break in the line can slow the entire process for any professional workflow.

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We also believe that quality should not be restricted. In today's day and age, information has become more and more accessible, with data volume requirements rising, keeping your hardware up to date is more important than ever. With the growth of the internet, we’ve also seen the rise of more and more talented creators, musicians and artists producing quality content for the world around them, only to be held back by lackluster or outrageously pricey hardware available to them online. We’ve made it our mission to put an end to this barrier by dedicating our research and development to continuing developing high-quality and economical products, ensuring essential innovations are made accessible to all.

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Not only is the AUX cord adorable but it also works like a dream! This review will be short and simple because it does its job perfectly, as expected and the rose gold cord is super cute and fun!

— Liz

I'm an IT manager and order these for my work. We have dozens of them and do not have any issues. They work as they should and are sturdy.

— Grassshopper

I use this thing as an extension cable for the four wired controllers I purchased for a Nintendo switch. This thing works great! I would highly recommend this to anybody that's looking to extend a USB connection.

— AhSver

I've always kept a few mini and micro USB cables around. Great to throw in the bag and have on hand. They don't get tangled. Great for portable chargers. This particular brand is really nice with the fabric-like cable covering. Feels high quality.

— Terena & Ted

Good quality. I can have my earbuds connected via hard wire and have my phone propped up for meetings - normal aux jacks are on the bottom and you wouldn't be able to stand it upright, but since the aux cord goes in on the side of this connector, it stands up vertically without any issues.

— Vicente A.