HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter with USB Power
hdmi to displayport adapter
Unidirectional HDMI to Displayport adapter
mirror/extend mode HDMI to Displayport adapter
connect xbox to monitor with displayport
HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter 4k

SKU: CD0764

HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter with USB Power

  • This adapter transmits high-definition video and audio signal from your HDMI devices to a DisplayPort monitor. Supports resolutions up to 4K (3840 x 2160)@60Hz. It is perfect for home theaters, digital signage, trade shows or classrooms and more.
  • • Support 4K@60Hz, 2K@144Hz/120Hz, 1080P@144Hz, 720P@144Hz
  • • Plug & Play, No driver or software installation required.
  • • USB Powered for Best Performance
  • [Note]: This HDMI to DP cable is NOT bi-directional. It only converts an HDMI output signal (source device) to DisplayPort (monitor/display)



- Input(from video source): HDMI Male

- Output(to monitor): DisplayPort Female (Note: A separate DisplayPort cable is required, not included in the package)

- Audio Support: Yes

- Installation: Plug and Play, No driver or software installation required

- Resolution: 4K (3840*2160) @60Hz

- Power: Type-A USB Male (Connect with External Power Supply)

- Length: DP Female to HDMI Male: 0.15M; USB A Male to HDMI Male: 0.9M hdmi to displayport adapter 4k

Important Notes

1. When the current of HDMI source provided under 300mA, please plug the USB A connector into a USB power supply or a wall charger for best performance and compatibility.

2. This HDMI to DisplayPort adapter 4K is NOT bi-directional. It only converts an HDMI output signal (source device) to DisplayPort (monitor/display).

3. Devices like XBOX One may have HDMI In and HDMI Out ports, some monitors may have DisplayPort In and DisplayPort Out ports. Please use HDMI Out to connect DisplayPort In, otherwise it will not display images.

• HDMI Source to DP Monitor

  • • Converter is NOT bi-directional.
  • • HDMI plugs into the computer.
  • • DisplayPort cable plugs into the monitor.
  • • USB A Connect with external power supply.
  • Support 4K@60Hz

  • • Support resolutions up to 4K (3840 x 2160)@60Hz, 2K@144Hz/120Hz/60Hz, 1080P@144Hz, 720P@144Hz
  • • Connect and configure your monitor for an extended desktop or mirrored displays.
  • Plug & Play

  • • Completely Plug and play, NO additional software or driver needed.
  • • Portable and lightweight size is perfect for traveling or working at home.
  • Faq


    Is this HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter with USB Power compatible with a monitor with a display port 1.4?

    Yes, the DisplayPort 1.4 is backward compatible with DisplayPort 1.2. ( The HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter can be used with your DisplayPort 1.4), but only achieves the effect of DisplayPort 1.2.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Ps5 support?

    Hello i want to buy this for my ps5 since my monitor only have hdmi 2.0 which is vrr not supported on hdmi 2.0 only works with hdmi 2.1
    But also my monitor have DisplayPort 1.4 which’s close to hdmi 2.1
    Does that support Ps5 VRR

    Ordered on amazon.sa (4K@60Hz)

    I initially ordered a different (cheaper) brand cable, but it arrived faulty. So I decided to spend a little more for this cable, and so far the cable does exactly what it does. Flawlessly. I'm using it on my computer right now, and it delivers 1440p@120Hz (HDMI 2.0 from GPU to DP 1.2 on monitor). So it should work with the PS5.

    I'm not sure why, but it works without USB power. Though I'm gonna keep it using USB power just in case. Hope it doesn't go out of production anytime soon :)

    Joseph Kier

    HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter with USB Power

    Jack Perez
    Got in a few days it works great.

    I thought it would take at least a week to get the cable I needed to connect an Oculus Rift S to my new Asus Laptop but I got it within a few days from purchase. It works beautifully.

    Brian A Fulwider
    Works As Advertised. Very Well Built

    I, like many others, have gone through the trials and tribulations of trying different HDMI to display port adapters. I usually research purchases but wrongly assumed that just any adapter would work. When I finally took the time to see what is required for such a cable, this was a simple purchase. This cable does exactly what I want it to do. And that is, go from my raspberry pi to a dell display port monitor. This worked first try and has been ever since. The quality is excellent, so much so that I transfer it home from work now in my edc bag and have no questions about its durability. In closing, I can't find anything wrong with this product (unless you want to get picky and wish that it was a little less expensive) so this is an excellent purchase in my opinion.

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