100-PACK Cat 6 RJ45 Connector
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 rj45 cat6 Gold plated connectors

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100-PACK Cat 6 RJ45 Connector

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  • • For OD:6.0 or stranded STP/FTP/UTP cable, include hood Connector
  • • ROHS compliant, and the color is Transparent, allow indicator light penetration better
  • • Gold plated connectors resist corrosion, improve the signal performance


  • • Create complex connections with ease
  • Whether you're faced with connecting a WiFi access point or populating a subnet for a classroom or new department, CableCreation straight-through RJ45 connectors and strain reliefs allow you to make fast, solid connections that deliver optimal performance and stop frequency noise. Our clear straight-through connectors allow technicians to identify the wiring sequence, and the three-prong design enhances alignment with the conductor. These connectors have a professional crimp effect that prevents accidental and unauthorized disconnects.
  • • Don't get stuck and kinked
  • Intelligently designed with a snag-proof tab that locks over the plug, our stress relief pieces extend patch cord life and ensure that bend radiuses maintain standards compliance. Once crimped, the strain relief relaxes to prevent over-compression of cable pairs, thus allowing peak electrical performance.
  • RJ45 connectors and strain reliefs are also easier to unlock, making unplugging from jacks and ports less of an issue. Our 100 piece combo kit is compatible with all Cat6 data network installations.
  • 8P8C Plug With Contacts for Solid Wire
  • 8P8C are used in computer networking & telephone applications, where the plug on each end is an 8P8C modular plug wired according to a TIA/EIA standards. Most wired Ethernet network communications are carried over Category 6 cable with an 8P8C modular plug crimped on each end.

  • RJ45 cat6 connecotrs
  • Our premium, gold-plated connector works with solid or stranded wires. Can be used for Category 6 data network cable.

  • CableCreation RJ45 Connectors and Stress Relief are Simple to Unlock
  • The ITBEBE strain relief relaxes to prevent over-compression of cable pairs, thus allowing peak electrical performance. RJ45 connectors and stress relief are also simple to unlock, making unplugging from jacks and ports less complicated.



    Are these simple crimp-on connectors like a standard 5e connector or do you have to load into a wire bar first?

    You need to put the core wires into the connector.

    Can these be used with solid copper wire (i.e. not stranded)?

    Yes, it can be used with solid copper wire. please note the wire OD should be 1.0mm.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Brenda Taylor

    Plug protector is nice.

    Rolando plazas
    Bought hundreds, no problems whatsoever

    These CableCreation RJ45s are all you need. My entire company uses these for work with great success. The quality of the cable you are trying to terminate has a great deal to do with how good of a time you will have. CCA and stranded pairs might give you more trouble because they do not hold shape as well, but honestly I have never come across a cable that gave me so much trouble I could not terminate it. Make sure you use quality cable and you're halfway there. The included strain protectors are a nice feature for tighter runs and gives the cable a more professional look. Seriously don't buy a bucket of 100 RJ45s from a big box hardware store for literally 10x, these will do you great.

    Great connectors

    Easy to terminate and reliable. I've been using them for years without issues. They also look nice and include the boots for a better fit

    Leo McArdle
    Cable size

    The connector’s are fine except my cat 6 cable is two large too fit.

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