Braided 3.5mm Audio Cable Aux Headphone Speaker Durable Cord
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Audio Cable with Silver-Plating Copper Core
Braided 3.5mm Male to Male Cable
3.5mm Right Angle Audio Cable
3.5mm  Male to Male Cable for car stereo

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Braided 3.5mm Audio Cable Aux Headphone Speaker Durable Cord

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All our engineers do is make this cable stable and durable, There is no doubt that this cable will accompany you for a long time.

  • • Nylon braided cable
  • • 90 degree angle design
  • • Gold-plating connector
  • • Silver-plating copper core
  • • Zinc shell, PVC protective case


Why Choose Angle 3.5mm Headphone Cable?

  • • 90 degree ends that keep the cable close to the equipment, preventing the aux cable from being unplugged while moving items around my work space. Making a safer connection.
  • • 90 degree angle helps release strain, solve the cable breakage issue.
  • • Right angle design ideal for tight spaces such as behind cupboards or hard to reach areas where a normal straight connector is unavailable.
  • • Right angle connectors save space.
  • • Right angle 3.5mm connector, gives you some option as to how you can plug in.
  • Silver-Plating Copper Core

    This premium 3.5mm aux cable ia made of silver-plating copper core. Compared to ordinary enameled copper wire, silver-plated copper has good conductivity and corrosion resistance. It means that silver-plated aux cable will last for many years with high quality sound.

    Universal Compatibility
  • 3.5mm Male to Male Auxiliary Aux Stereo Professional HiFi Cable perfect for any 3.5mm audio port device.Such as:car stereo, iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphones,PS4 headset,xbox one,phone, tablet,Home theater, speakers.
  • Right Angle Connector

    Premium zinc alloy case and 24K gold plated connector ensure optimal signal transfer. 90 degree angle helps release strain, solve the cable breakage issue.

    Silver-Plating Copper Core

    Silver-Plating Copper Core provides maximum's conductivity and durability and transfer high purity audio signal without distortion, high fidelity, ideal for music lovers.

    Soft braided Jacket

    Soft braided jacket ensures the cable soft and durable&double shielding ensure optimal signal transfer.



    Is this Audio cable well shielded to prevent it from picking up noise from other devices?

    Yes, this 3.5mm audio cable has well shielded.

    Is this 3.5mm Headphone Cable cord balanced?

    Yes, the 3.5mm aux cable is balanced.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Works great!

    At first, I thought I had to replace 2 computer speakers I had purchased back in 2019, but as it turned out, my speakers weren't bad, just the speaker cord that came with it. Found this product and have had no problems as my speakers sound EVEN BETTER than before when the old cord was working.

    Worth it

    I works, I really like how one of the cable is sideways instead of just a straight cable. It helps prevent me being the cable