Cable Ties 6 inch/7 inch 50PCS
adjustable cable straps
Cable Ties for dual-use for front and back
join tie together to form longer cable tie
Cable Ties 5.9 inch/15cm
cable ties black
velcro cable ties

SKU: CT0001

CableCreation Fastening Cable Ties 50pcs Reusable Premium 6 Inch Adjustable Cord Ties Nylon Cable Management Straps Hook Loop Cord Organizer Wire Ties Reusable Black

  • Cable ties /strap fastener is perfect for all kinds of your tangled cables, make it well organized and save your time. It can be also used to collect scattered pencils, umbrellas, curtains, plant and so on.
  • Unique Eye hole design, easy to use, simply wrap around the cable and attach the magic tape. Made from nylon material with hook & loop self-attaching, these cable straps are both adjustable.


Organize your Cables with this Reusable Cable Ties

Are you still troubled by cluttered wires? Is your wires still lost due to random placement? CableCreation cable ties will solve all these problems. After fastening, you can open or close the wrap so that you can add or remove cables easily.

Multi -Purpose

They can be used to tie up speaker cables, guitar cables, TV cables, microphone mic, computer cables, and much more. It is ideal for keeping all kinds of cables well organized and tidy in place

  • 1. Collect scattered pencils together
  • 2. Unique Eye hole design, you can combine two or more wraps together to tip up your umbrella or other large size things
  • 3. When you can't find a substitute, you can use it to bundle the curtains.
  • Faq


    What is the width of these Cable Ties?

    The dimension of these Cable Ties is 6 × 0.35 inches.

    What is the magic tape? Do these ties leave a sticky residue? Are they reusable?

    Please rest assured that the cable ties don't leave a sticky residue and they are reusable and durable.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    J W Smithy
    Great Product!

    These are way better than a lot of the other velcro cable ties. One side looks more professional and the other side is just normal. These also tighten up a lot better around the cable or cables.

    N. Klauder
    Truly Brilliant Design!!

    I'm a Ham Radio operator and electronics enthusiast.
    As a result, I always have lots of cables, cords & wires around that usually end up as one big tangled
    spaghetti rat's nest
    in a drawer. That is until I discovered Cable Creation.

    These cable ties beat every other cable tie I've ever used.

    They use a velcro-like material and have a hole on one end. The hole comes in very handy in keeping a tie firmly attached to one cable so it doesn't get lost. Then when you need to store that cable or bundle it with other cables, the Velcro allows you to wrap your cables together & hold them securely, then easily remove the tie when you need to use your cable while keeping it attached to one cable so it doesn't get lost.

    The ties come in a rainbow of colors & in assorted lengths, making it easy to color code different types of cable.

    I ran out of the first set I bought & had to order a second set.

    So if you're tired of that rat's nest of wires in your drawer or storage box - buy these - you won't be disappointed.

    So simple & yet so brilliant!