How to Connect Your HDMI Gaming Console to DisplayPort Monitor

How to Connect Your HDMI Gaming Console to DisplayPort Monitor

With the launch of Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, the two companies have promoted the development of video gaming consoles. And the more powerful PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are unveiled this year. Gaming consoles have become increasingly popular with everyone. But with the rapid development of PC games, some players may put them aside after owning consoles for a while. If this is because it’s troublesome to connect the gaming console to the TV or monitor, we’re here to show you the simple ways to connect them. If your TV or monitor has an HDMI port, it will be relatively easy. If your monitor has a DisplayPort connector, you just need to find a suitable adapter.

Gaming on a monitor can offer benefits that a TV generally can’t. This is a fantastic option if you want to play video games in the comfort of your desk. However, this might not be the option for you if you like to sit back and relax on the couch while playing. Granted, whether you choose a TV or a monitor, the way to connect to a console is the same.

 Connect to HDMI TV/Monitor

If you want to connect the console to a TV or monitor with an HDMI port, just connect it to the HDMI port of the console using the HDMI cable included in the package. The video should immediately begin streaming, and you can customize settings like resolution with your controller. HDMI is a high-quality multi-media port that can transfer audio and video. And TVs generally have a built-in speaker, you should be good to go. But for monitors without a built-in speaker, you need to use an external speaker to hear sound during your gameplay, or plug headphones into the controller.

 Connect to DisplayPort Monitor

There are probably hundreds of different reasons you may want to transfer an HDMI signal to a DisplayPort signal. For example, the HDMI port of the monitor is broken, the monitor you own only has DisplayPort ports, or maybe you want to take advantage of the unique properties of DisplayPort, like its ability to handle UHD content with higher refresh rates, then you need to be a little more selective with the HDMI to DisplayPort adapter you choose to get the job done.

CableCreation 4K@60Hz HDMI to DisplayPort adapter with USB power can meet most of your needs. Just connect the HDMI male end to the HDMI port of the console, and then use a DP cable to connect the adapter to the monitor. This DP cable should be at least DP1.2 version to meet your resolution requirements. When the current provided by the HDMI source is below 300mA, before connecting the adapter, USB A port should be connected. You can plug the USB A connector into the USB port of the console, or the USB port of the power strip, or a wall charger for best performance and compatibility.

This product can achieve 4K@60Hz or 2560x1440P@120Hz resolution when used on Xbox One S. But please note that due to the PS5's technical update, this adapter can only reach a maximum resolution of 60Hz on the PS5, whether it is at 4K or 1080P.

*Updated on October 1st 2022

Connect PS5 to DisplayPort TV/Monitor using this CableCreation DP to HDMI adapter 4K 60 can achieve 1440P 2K 120Hz on PS5 now, check the test video.


Now that you know how to connect a gaming console to a TV/monitor, choosing a TV or a monitor is just a small question. Most people want better graphics when playing consoles, which their TV doesn't provide. Gaming monitors with low input lags and higher refresh rates have been purpose-built for the newest games, so controls will be extremely accurate and the visuals will not stutter during use. Moreover, buying a TV with better resolution will be expensive, while buying a monitor will be cheaper, comparatively. Most gamers play for fun, and they don’t have the budget to buy a TV. However, if they save money for a monitor, they can easily afford one with good specifications in just a few months.

But sitting on your couch with a Coke can and a controller in hand, looking at a huge TV screen that’s at a comfortable distance from your eyes, is also an ideal gamer’s paradise. Owning a console is like owning an iPhone, where everything is just laid out for you and smooth to use at the same time. So, do you still remember the console you put aside?

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