Why A 3.5mm Jack To USB-C Headphone Adapter Is Important?

There are a lot of headphones that now come with a 3.5 mm jack, but many others still use a USB-C connector. If you want to switch between the two, then you might be experiencing some frustrations. The solution? This blog discusses the importance of having an adapter that can help convert 3.5 mm jack to USB C ports.

 3.5 mm jack to USB C

Why should you buy one?

For any music fan who loves to use their phone as an audio output device, having a quality headphone adapter is key. And if you're a frequent traveler, an adapter that can also charge your phone conveniently is even more important.


That's why we highly recommend investing in a 3.5 mm Jack to USB C headphone adapter. It's the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to stay connected and keep their music playing while on the go. Not only does it connect easily between your phone and headphones, but it also allows you to recharge your phone while you're listening to your favorite tunes!


Why A 3.5 mm Jack To USB-C Headphone Adapter Is Important?

Most of us are familiar with the 3.5 mm headphone jack, which is commonly used to connect headsets and earbuds to devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. But what about the future?


In recent years, many devices have started using USB-C ports for charging and data transfers. Unfortunately, the 3.5 mm jack to USB C isn't compatible with USB-C ports, so you'll need to purchase an adapter if you want to use your old headphones with a new device.


The good news is that there's finally an adapter available that lets you use your old headphones with a USB-C device. The 3.5 mm jack to USB C adapter by CableCreation features a reversible connector that makes it easy to plug in either way. Plus, it supports audio output up to 24bit/192kHz resolution so you can enjoy high-quality sound from your favorite tunes or movies.


So if you're planning on upgrading your device in the near future and want to keep using your old headphones, the 3.5 mm jack to USB-C adapter by CableCreation is a great option!



It can be difficult to locate the proper millimeter headphone jack for a USB-C adaptor. Fortunately, you may use these adapters to connect new MacBooks or other USB-C compliant devices to 3.5 mm jack to USB C headphone adapter. CableCreation has the adapters you need, whether you want one that charges all of your devices simultaneously or one that enables you to use them with specific headphones.