What You Need To Know About The USB-C Headphone Jack?

Every day, people are discovering more and more features on the newest laptops, tablets and smartphones that seem to be infinite - until the next model comes out. Now, you can add a new feature to your smartphone that might change how you listen to music with your friends: the USB-C headphone jack!


The USB-C Headphone Jack


USB-C is the new standard for connecting devices to your computer. USB-C is reversible, so you can plug it in the wrong way and not damage your device. It also has a much faster data transfer rate than previous USB standards.


Almost all current headphones use a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. Many new laptops and tablets come with a USB-C port, and most of these ports have a dedicated headphone jack. If you don't have a USB-C port, you can still use a 3.5mm headphone jack to connect your headphones to your device using an adapter or cable.


Will my Headphones Function with this new Jack?


If your computer has an earphone jack, use this new cable to connect your headphones. This power cord is compatible with the USB-C port, a modern port style seen on many computers.


To protect data flow, it also has ferrite beads built into it. This connection is a fantastic method to keep your earphones connected while using your computer. It is also great for traveling because it can be linked to any USB-C connector.

Advantages of Using USB-C to Headphone Jack


USB-C is quickly becoming the new standard for connecting devices, and one of the most popular ways to plug in your headphones is through the headphone jack. Here are five reasons why you should switch to USB-C when it comes to your headphones:

 1. Faster speeds: USB-C can offer significantly faster data transfer rates than traditional USB ports, which means that your music will play faster and more smoothly.

 2. More power: because USB-C can handle more power than older ports, you can use higher-quality headphones that require more juice to work.

 3. Easier cable management: because USB-C cables are thinner and have a round connector instead of a traditional design, they're much easier to conceal and keep organized.

 4. More options: not only can you use regular headphones with a USB-C port, but also audio adapters like aptX Bluetooth receivers and noise cancelling headsets.

 5.Futureproofing: since USB-C is the future of phone connections, you'll be able to use it with newer phones down the line without needing to upgrade your audio devices.




Finding the right headphone jack for a USB-C converter might be challenging. Thankfully, you can use these adapters to connect headphone jack devices to new MacBooks or other USB-C compliant devices. Whether you want an adapter that charges all of your devices at once or one that enables you to use them with particular headphones, CableCreation has what you need.