New 3.5 mm Jack To USB C - What's The Point?

USB-C is a modern, versatile USB standard that has become the standard for many manufacturers. However, if you have an computer with a 3.5 mm jack to USB C, then you're going to need to buy a special adapter just for your device. Well, not anymore! Introducing the new 3.5 mm jack to usb c converter from CableCreation!

 usb c to earphone jack

What are the benefits of a 3.5 mm jack to usb c?

A 3.5 mm jack to USB C adapter is a convenient way to connect your devices with a standard audio output. This adapter lets you use your old headphones, speakers, or microphone with your new phone or computer.


A 3.5 mm jack to usb c adapter is a must-have accessory if you're using your laptop or smartphone with a USB-C port. Here are the benefits:

 1. You can use any audio cable you have lying around to connect your device to your headphones or speakers.

 2. You can charge your device while it's connected to the adapter.

 3. You can use the adapter as a regular connector for your cords and cables.


What's better about a 3.5 mm jack to usb c over other products?

There are a few things that are better about a 3.5 mm jack to usb c over other products. First, it is reversible, so you can use it either way. Second, it is more common and easier to find than some of the other types of connectors. Finally, it is cheaper and has a longer lifespan than some of the other connectors.




There's a lot of talk about the USB-C port lately, and for good reason. It's one of the most promising new technologies on the market, capable of transmitting data faster than any other connector type. But what does that mean for you as a consumer? In this article, we'll take a look at some of the benefits of using USB-C and see if it's worth upgrading to a newer device. We'll also discuss whether or not there is really point in upgrading to a 3.5 mm jack. The answer is YES. So if you're planning on buying 3.5 mm jack to usb c, please go to CableCreation!