Hub/Adapter FAQ

Is the USB C multiport compatible with all laptops with type C connectors?

No, the USB C Hub requires your laptop must support data, charging and video output over Type-C port (DP Alt Mode).

The Hub's HDMI port does not work.

Please try some of the following steps:
1) Check if the connected USB-C port of your device supports DP-Alt mode. To do this, please consult your device's user manual, contact the seller, or check the manufacturer's website.
2) Try connecting the USB-C HUB to a different computer and / or using a different HDMI cable to see if the problem persists.
3) Connect your HDMI cable directly to your device and see if the connection works. If not, the problem is with your HDMI cable.
4) Check that your monitor is configured for the correct input (HDMI).

The Hub becomes hot while using, is this normal?

It is normal the Hub may become heat while working, in the condition the ambient temperature is 77°F, as long as the temperature of the hub does not exceed 140°F when full-loaded, it is safe and please rest assured to use.

Will 7/ 5 in 1 hub work with an iPad Pro ?

Yes, if you want the hub to work with the iPad Pro, you will need to update to the latest version of the iPad Pro operating system.

Can all ports be used at the same time ?

Yes. Due to the performance limitations of some laptops, it is recommended that you only connect one HDD / SDD at a time.

Does the USB-C hub affect the WLAN?

USB 3.0 interferes with WiFi and other wireless devices due to the similar frequencies of 2.4 GHz. According to Microsoft, the problem only occurs for the 2.4 GHz wireless band, but not for 5 GHz. Please set your router to 5 GHz to avoid the problem.

My hub cannot read my SD/MicroSD cards.

1.Make sure the cards are inserted correctly:
2.Check if the cards are health for normal operation. (manually unlock the card, turn off the write protection)
If you still have issue, please contact us for help.

The internet cannot reach to 1Gbps.

1.Check if your computer, router, lan cables ALL support and set up to 1Gbps.
2.Download the driver, and then reconnect to internet.
3.Restart your computer with the hub plugged in, then reconnect to internet.
If you still have issue, please contact us for help.

When using a USB C hub HDMI to play video, there is an image but no sound.

1. In the sound settings, select the sound output device as the desired device. macOS computer, Apple icon--system settings--sound, select the TV as the sound output. (macOS Ventura system)

2. Turn up the volume, do not turn on mute.

3. If it is a Windows system, you can use the sound problem troubleshooting online repair, or reinstall the sound card driver.

SD card cannot be read.

1. For Windows 10 laptops, This PC-->Manage-->Storage-->Disk Management, to see if the SD card or micro SD card is recognized, if it can be recognized, it generally means that the USB C hub has no problem, In this case, please contact the manufacturer of the SD card or micro SD card to solve the problem.

2. For macOS, Launchpad-->Other-->Disk Utility, check whether the SD card or micro SD card is recognized, if it is recognized, it means that the USB C hub is ok, and the SD card needs to be formatted as exFat format or fat32, etc. A format that can be recognized and read and written by macOS.

3. For iPadOS and other systems, it is recommended to set the format of the SD card and Micro SD card to ExFAT and other formats.

The wireless mouse/keyboard lag when using it on the USB C Multi Adapter.

1. The working frequency band of general USB devices is generally around 2.4GHz. Since the working frequency bands are consistent and cause interference, it is recommended to keep the HUB as far away as possible from the wireless keyboard and mouse or clean up other unused electronic devices.

2. Please reinstall the wireless keyboard and mouse driver and USB driver.

USB C PD port can not charge/charge slowly.

1. The HUB itself has an 8W loss, it is recommended to use a PD charger above 65W

2. Need to confirm the power adapter, and whether the device supports PD charging, if the device or power adapter does not support the PD protocol, the maximum power is only 15W. After the HUB is lost, the power is insufficient and the charging is slow. It is recommended to use a high-power PD power adapter

3. For iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro and other models, it is recommended to use at least a 30W or higher PD charger for charging

The RJ45 port cannot be wired to ethernet.

1. The Win7 system needs to install the driver manually (it is only required for the first use, and there is no need to install it after installation). The Windows system above Win7 does not need to install the network card driver. If you really cannot access the Internet, you can try to reinstall the network card driver. Driver download link:

2. For macOS computers, go to the "Apple icon --> system preferences --> network", and check if you can see the green connection of our AX88179A. If you delete the network connection by mistake, or after the system is updated, click the lower left corner of the window where "Network" is located, click the "+" sign, select AX88179A for the interface, click Create, and click Save

3. Check whether the network of the network carrier and related DHCP or IP address, default gateway, subnet mask, DNS server, etc. are normal or set correctly

4. Change other computers, network cables, routers or other interfaces of routers to do a comparison test