Cable FAQ

Why can't USB Cable be recognized by PC/laptop?

The PC/laptop USB interface and USB Cable may not be properly connected:
1) Please check whether the PC/laptop interface function is normal, you can use other wires to plug into the interface to test;
2) Please check whether the USB Cable and the interface are correctly connected;

The USB A to UBS C Cable seems Not Charging.

1. Make sure the USB C port of you device is in good condition/ work well.
2. Unplug everything, then plug in again, or try a different USB C port to test.

If you still have issue, please contact us for help.

How to connect a printer with a USB C to USB B cable?

1. Laptops with Windows and macOS need to download the driver through the official website of the printer to connect.

2. iPads and Android tablets generally do not support connecting to a printer.

3. For wireless printers, please refer to the manual of the wireless printer for details.

Why is My USB A / USB C cable Transfer So Slow?

1. Please check that the protocols supported by the computer and the device are 2.0, 3.0, 3.2, USB4, TB3, TB4, etc., compare the theoretical speed with the actual speed, and pay attention to the speed of bits and bytes convert.

2. Please check CPU overload, it is recommended to quit unnecessary programs

3. Please check whether you copy and paste many files at one time, and the transfer rate of a single file is not so fast

4. Please conduct a comparison test, you can try to change the hard disk or change to another host interface for a comparison test

How to connect an Android phone to Mac with a USB A/USB C cable?

1. If it is a Samsung mobile phone, download and install the sidesync APP, and contact Samsung official support to solve the problem

2. For other Android phones, if there is an official APP, you can try to install the official APP,
You can also try installing Android File Transfer using

What is the difference between Thunderbolt 3 and Type-c?

The interfaces of Thunderbolt 3 and Type-C are basically the same, but Thunderbolt 3 will mark "3" or a lightning symbol on the connector and besides supporting USB 3.1 protocol version, Thunderbolt 3 can also transmit video signals.

USB/USB C cable connected to the computer shows that it cannot be recognized.

If the computer USB interface and the computer driver are not installed properly, data recognition will be affected. Please check carefully whether the interface is loose.