Audio/Video FAQ

Connecting headphones with an audio cable

No sound:

1). Please check whether the headphones interface and audio cable are properly connected;
2). The headphones interface is divided into OMTP and CTIA, please check whether the audio cable is compatible with your headphones interface;


1). Please check whether the device interface and audio cable are properly and tightly connected;
2). If multiple electronic devices are used at the same time, it is recommended to keep a certain safe distance to avoid signal interference between multiple devices;

How to solve the noise problem?

1. Please change the cable, speaker, or audio source for a comparison test.

2. Please remove the interference sources that can cause interference, such as mobile phones and power lines, so there are no suspicious signal interference sources around the speaker.

3. Please check whether there is debris in the interface, and keep the interface clean.

Why can't I get 4K@60Hz when using products with a resolution of 4K@60Hz?

1.Please make sure that both of your device and displays support 4K@60Hz
2.If your devices all support 4K@60Hz, then you may need to adjust your output setup.
- MacOS:
- Windows:
3.If you still have issue, please contact us for help.

How to set up Mirror & Extend Mode

Mirror and Extend Mode Settings:
• For MacOS, Top left corner Apple icon-->System Preferences-->Displays-->Mirror or Extend Displays;
• For Windows 10, press Windows key + P combination command-->choose Duplicate or Extend.
• For Windows system laptop, if the external monitor could not work, please update the BIOS and graphic card driver from laptop official website.

Use HDMI / DP cable to connect the PC / laptop to TV

(1) No image is displayed on TV

The connection between laptop and TV generally defaults to "extended mode", you need to adjust to "Mirror mode" on the laptop setting pannel

(2) Why the TV does not display full screen?

Please adjust the resolution and the zoom function of the graphics card (for details, please ask the official technical service of the graphics card)
How to adjust the resolution:
1. XP system: right click on the desktop --> properties --> settings --> click the icon of the TV screen (usually 2) to adjust the screen resolution;
2. WIN7/WIN10 system: right click on the desktop --> screen resolution --> click the icon of the TV (usually 2) to adjust the screen resolution;

(3)There is only image but no sound on the TV?

1) Please check whether your graphics card driver and sound card driver are normal;
2) Please check the sound setting panel on the computer and set the sound output to HDMI output
3). If you still have questions, please contact us

How to download serial port-related product drivers?

1. RS232 related driver download link

1.1 PL2303 drivers
Windows drivers

1.2 macOS driver,
To download the driver, please refer to the official website of CableCreation

2. FTDI-232RL drivers

Please check whether the contacts of the RS232 device match the contacts of the CableCreation converter.

How to check whether the driver is installed correctly?

1. Windows 7, Windows 10 & Windows 11
In the search box on the taskbar, type Device Manager, then select from the menu. Then choose ports,
1.1 Search for "Device Manager" in the search box, and open "Device Manager", if you can see the new COM port after replugging, it means that the product driver has been installed correctly.
1.2 Or through This PC——Manage——Device Manager——Ports, as long as the corresponding com port can be read.

2. For macOS, generally in the “left upper Apple icon ---About This Mac ---System Report ---USB”, you can find the hardware information of the corresponding serial device, and enter the command line to judge. The common command is to open “Launchpad——Terminal ——
cd /dev, ls tty.usbserial*”, etc. (for details, please refer to the corresponding manual), and the serial number displayed on the serial port is consistent with that in the System Report.

How to solve the problem that the device (monitor, Apple computer) supports HDR function but there is no HDR option in actual use?

1. For macOS computers, go to Apple icon (Apple icon) --> System Preferences (system preferences) --> Displays (display) --> Display settings (display settings), and check whether there is High Dynamic Range (high dynamic range ) option.

2. For Windows 10 or 11 computers, go to Settings (Settings) --> System (system) --> Display (screen) to see the relevant HDR options

3. For some products on macOS: system version above 12.3, if there is no HDR option for use, generally you need to contact the official customer service of the device to upgrade the program firmware to match the latest system version

4. Regarding the compatibility of HDR, you can generally check the manual of the corresponding monitor, such as Dell's's-Guide_en-us.pdf
It will mention the compatibility of the HDR option

Why am I connecting the ADAPTER with my monitor/projector but nothing displays or splash screen?

In general, we have to make sure that the master device supports the video output function. Check whether the HOST supports DisplayPort Alternate mode function, or Thunderbolt 3/4, USB4 function.

If your device is capable of video output, kindly please contact us for professional technical guidance.