Why Do You Need the VR Link Cable for Oculus Quest? How to Choose One?

VR Link Cable for Oculus Quest

Gaming is on the rise, with millions of people enjoying a diverse range of titles to entertain themselves. This led to the growth of virtual reality technology, a market now worth $16.8 billion. In this market, the Oculus Quest remains popular, but you need the right accessories, including a VR link cable to use this device. This post will discuss a VR cable for the Oculus Quest and why you need it.


What Is the VR Link Cable? Why Do You Need It?

The Oculus Quest remains one of the most sought-after options for people who want to experience virtual reality for themselves. The original quest saw sales hike to over $5 million within two weeks after Oculus released the device. To date, the more recent version, the Quest 2, generated almost $620 million in revenue for its manufacturer.


When you want to take full advantage of the Oculus Quest, it is important to ensure you have all the necessary accessories. For example, a VR link cable allows you to stream content from devices like a smartphone or compatible computer programs. The cable also serves as a unit to charge the battery built into the Oculus Quest.


Choosing a VR Link Cable for Oculus Quest

The original link cable for Oculus Quest is quite expensive, costing $79.99. This is why people often turn to alternatives to help them make a connection between their VR headsets and other devices. Fortunately, there are several alternatives that you can use as a VR link cable for the Oculus Quest. However, when you decide to get a link cable alternative for your Oculus Quest, make sure you keep the following criteria in mind:

   • Length:The length is particularly important. Make sure the cable provides you with significant freedom when you want to move around. A 5-meter quest 2 cable alternative compatible with Oculus Quest is suitable.

    • Bandwidth:Consider the bandwidth of the cable, which tells you how fast data can move through the wires. A 5 Gbps bandwidth can help to provide you with a more seamless and smoother experience while you enjoy VR content.

    • Power Supply:Some cables may require additional power supplies to operate. Look for a cable with a 3A power supply that is able to offer flexibility when it comes to connecting your Oculus Quest.

    • Signal Requirement: USB2 Gen 1 Signaling 5 Gbps USB 2 is the signal specification of the original VR link cable for Oculus Quest. When you look for other cable alternatives for Oculus Quest, keep the signal requirement in mind.


Where to Buy a Link Cable Alternative for Oculus Quest

There are several companies that supply great cable alternatives for Oculus Quest. With this said, you still need to carefully assess the reputation of every company and carefully analyze the specifications of each cable that you consider.


The USB 3.1 to Type C VR Link Cable for Oculus Quest from Cable Creation is a superior option. With a 90-degree angle design and a 5-meter lengthy structure, our quest 2 cable alternative ensures you have a significant level of freedom when you move around the room with your Oculus Quest headset. Besides, this cable gives you super-fast transfer speeds and the ability to easily keep your headset charged with 3A quick charge technology. Being versatile, this VR link cable can also be used to charge your phone from 0 to 90% in 1 hour when you don’t use this cable for the Oculus Quest headset.


You can use this cable with a diverse range of devices, including computers and smartphones. It also offers support for the majority of operating systems, including Windows and macOS. On smartphones, the cable works with both iOS and Android phones.



Cable Creation offers a wide range of VR accessories to help you experience the immersion that virtual worlds offer. The VR link cable from us offers superior quality and a lengthy structure. We also provide Christmas deals, allowing you to enjoy a 30% discount for buying any of our products from December 3rd to December 30th. Filling in the sitewide discount code CHS30, you can save a lot on the link cable for Oculus Quest during this promotional activity.

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