What to do if we need more ports on our laptop or tablet? Try a USB C dock or hub

What to do if we need more ports on our laptop or tablet? Try a USB C dock or hub

The notebook market is developing rapidly, and products are also rapidly updated and iterated. More and more brands are pursuing a more convenient, refined, and ultimate user experience. With the launch of a new generation of notebooks that are more intelligent, professional and thin, there are higher demands on their peripherals. In recent years, the market demand for USB Type-C docking stations for notebooks keeps growing, and the ability to develop and produce innovative products from the perspective of consumers has become the focus of competition among major digital accessory brands on the industry stage.


In the uneven product market of digital accessories, CableCreation always adheres to the priority of consumers' interests and is committed to creating products that can help users solve their actual needs. The CableCreation Type-C docking station not only solves the problem of few computer interfaces and difficult function expansion but also combines the current equipment performance and future upgrade direction. It is a cost-effective product with high resolution, high refresh rate, thinner appearance, more efficient data signal transmission efficiency, and more stable transmission performance.


Multi-functional expansion combination, simple and easy to carry


The biggest feature of Type-C is that it's a reversible and relatively slender plug. In addition to being more convenient when plugging and unplugging, it is more important that it has strong compatibility. CableCreation 7-in-1 USB C hub features 4K60Hz HD HDMI, SD/TF card slot, dual USB3.0 ports, PD100W fast charging, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. Multi-port expansion let you easily connect various devices. It's compact and portable with a dimension of 136mm * 34mm * 14mm. The shell is made of ABS environmental protection material, matte finish makes you feel skin-friendly and comfortable. Gold-plated plugs help reduce wear and tear, and are more resistant to plugging and unplugging.


Users-oriented, focus more on quality and performance


The powerful expansion function and stable output performance of the CableCreation Type-C 7-in-1 docking station stem from the refined details and excellent product quality. Different from other docking stations, the CableCreation docking station has a layer of tinplate protection inside the ABS shell. As a shielding layer, the double-layer protection can effectively reduce the interference of the signal; and each interface has an independent chip to ensure that the interface functions are mutually compatible and don't interfere with each other, ensuring that each extension function can work stably.


The HDMI port supports up to 4K 60Hz resolution, allowing you to experience HDR images while enjoying smooth audio and video. It captures every detail of the pictures with no delays or freezes and perfectly restores true colors. Efficiently realize the extended screen of mobile phones and notebooks for you, so the mobile phone can also become the host! Make your home life more comfortable, and your office more efficient and easier.


Gigabit Ethernet port: High-speed Internet access is stable and smooth, games are not stuck, and downloads do not need buffering!


PD100W power supply: fast charging, stable and safe. Charge the device while using it, so that the device has sufficient power and the performance is stronger!


Dual USB3.0 ports: No delay for the mouse and keyboard, no need to wait for data access time, the transmission speed can reach 5Gbps, and a 1G file can be transferred in 3 seconds.


SD/TF card slot: supports 2 cards connected simultaneously, it's easy to read your camera files, transfer speed up to 104MB/S.


The 7 ports of the CableCreation 7-in-1 UBS C hub have been scientifically and reasonably designed, and the 7 ports can be connected at the same time to meet different functions. The small body can also play a big role.


Why choose CableCreation?


CableCreation is a brand manufacturer of high-end digital accessories. At the beginning of its establishment, CableCreation has been committed to creating high-quality, consumer-reliable products in the professional product range; creating a richer and more professional global consumer electronic accessories product brand focusing on customers and experience.

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