A Big Thanks for Connecting Every Family Member, Mom

A Big Thanks for Connecting Every Family Member, Mom

Thank you for connecting every family member, mom, we love you

According to Chinese folklore, Yue Lao will use an invisible red thread to connect two destined lovers to form a happy marriage. But this red thread doesn't immediately lead us to the right person because we can't touch it. We can't be sure that the person on the other end of the thread is the right person until the moment the love stops. However, our connection to our mother is something we can touch from birth, and that is the umbilical cord. Although the doctor cut off the physical connection between us, there was already an extra thread on her hand, which was the family thread she could see.

A mother is a jack of all trades, connecting everyone and everything in the family. Before we were born, Mom knitted us cute little clothes with great anticipation. When we were toddlers, she took us by the hand and led us to walk. When we were mischievous and ripped holes in our clothes, she used the needle and thread to sew the clothes for us. When we were growing up, she taught us tirelessly and earnestly, from playing & learning to conduct ourselves. And when we left the house, she would take the trouble to exhort us repeatedly.

As a Chinese saying goes, "The thread in the hand of the loving mother is woven into the roving son's garments". No matter where we are, Mom can always connect with us through the thread that will never disconnect, missing us and caring about us. But with the rapid development of technology, the Internet has made us full of curiosity about the world. We have friends from all over the world on our phones, but we are the world on Mom's phones. Moms who are not proficient in electronic products work hard to learn things, trying to contact us faster and shorten the generation gap. So don't get tired of teaching your mom how to use a phone, she taught you how to use a spoon.

For example, in the new media circle, there are many such phenomena. If your mom knows you edited this article, you made this poster, you shot this TikTok video, or you wrote this script... as long as she knows it's your work, she'll support all the work and learn to like and add to favorites. Plus, if she knows clicks are important to you, mom will frantically call friends and family to forward it. The details of every aspect of life are enough to show the greatness of maternal love.

When we were young, Mom directed us to know the world. When we grow up, we should take them to experience this diverse and rapidly developing world. As we keep up with the times, don't forget that moms may need help. While it's a stereotype to think that women are unfamiliar with technology, the truth is, most women are not, especially moms who spend most of their time taking care of us. We should be the connector between mom and the world. Just like CableCreation is committed to achieving a better connection with technology life for users. We strive to provide customers with high-quality and functional 3C electronic accessories to meet the needs of users when using technology products. 

So whether the mom in your life is your own mother, mother-in-law, or your partner, one thing we all agree on is that moms deserve the world. And while it's hard to express your full gratitude every day, Mother's Day is an annual opportunity to make up for it and prove how much you care. Remember to leave a piece of romance and doting to your mother in this life. And happy Mother's Day, moms.

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