April Fools' Day 2022 Tech Pranks: HyperX, Synology, Razer, ROG, Dyson

April Fools' Day 2022 Tech Pranks: HyperX, Synology, Razer, ROG, Dyson

April Fools' Day is one of the most exciting days for people who want to escape their stressful lives. On this day, most people will say some innocuous nonsense to make their friends relaxed and happy. Especially the tech companies. They will release interesting new products at this time to greatly broaden your horizon, using quips and puns. So what new tech products did they release this April Fool's Day?

HyperX Touch Grass Keycaps

When some gamers are killed by other outstanding gamers, they tend to taunt their opponents in various ways. For those who seem to spend a lot of time on the game, some players would shout "why don't you go out and touch some grass" when defeated, satirizing those masters who only play games at home and haven't gone out for a few months.

So peripheral manufacturer HyperX has introduced TCH Grass keycaps for gamers who were once told to touch some grass. This way they can do it without actually going out. When asked to "go out and touch the grass," they can confidently reply: "I'm already touching it!" According to HyperX, the TCH Grass keycaps are "already available." Click their "official website" for details.

Synology FloppyStation

If you like your April Fools' Day with a side of computing nostalgia, you'll enjoy Synology's concept for a FloppyStation said to offer speed, power, and efficiency. With over 5.75MB of total storage capacity and transfer speeds of almost 115kbps, the FPS422+ is ready for even the most demanding workflows. Forget all these newfangled technologies. It's time to go back in time.

Razer HyperSense Suit

This is a highly advanced full-body gaming suit featuring next-generation Razer HyperSense technology. Equipped with over 1,333,337 integrated haptic sensors, Razer HyperSense Suit allows players to instantly feel the impact of a car crash and every thump in a fighting game, from physical impacts and sensations to intense human emotions. It's not just pain, it also includes the actual feelings of your avatar, from love to rage. Take sensation to the next levels of realism in all your favorite games and feel it the way it should. Let’s enter the fully immersive gaming metaverse.

And it’s powered by Razer Chroma RGB. With access to 16.8 million colors and a suite of lighting effects, apply your preferred settings and live out your greatest Tron fantasy, as the suit glows and reacts to each sensation and emotion. You can sign up to be a beta tester if you're interested.

ROG Smart Lens

ROG launched the world’s first gaming-optimized contact Lens --- ROG Smart Lens, opening a new era of gaming. With this product, you can dominate the arena in the blink of an eye, start a new era of gaming, and make the world your playground.

With intelligent eye gestures, never Alt+Tab out of a game again. Assign any action to a series of blinks, winks, and twitches so you never have to take your hand off the mouse. The built-in eye & head tracker gives you an immersive edge in racing and flying simulation games. A blue light filter is also included. And built with full Aura Sync compatibility, the ROG Smart Lens is fully configurable in Armoury Crate. Adjust the color, intensity, and shape of your retina in just a few clicks. The sleek fast-charging case can charge and clean your lenses in 1 hour without harming the components.

The Legion Monster 9i(ce)

Lenovo announced the Legion Monster 9i(ce) console. “Pushing the boundaries of Coldfront technology, our brilliant (and thirsty) engineers have created the ONLY gaming PC that delivers ice-cold Monster Energy right when you need it. Stylish on the Outside, Monster on the Inside.” The end of heat dissipation is cooling. And this console has a built-in power supply setting, which can be charged through beverages. It has a -300W CPU power consumption and -273.15°C operating temperature. When idle, the power can return to the beverage can.

Formlabs Form 2D printer

With the catchphrase "Less is More: Eliminating the 3rd Dimension," 3D printer maker Formlabs decided to simplify its product offerings for April Fools' Day. Go from design to print image faster and more reliably than ever with Formlabs' latest innovative desktop: Form 2D. Its workflow is intuitive, transforming your documents from digital to physical. Hilarious. The Form 2D printer is all about printing things flat on the paper. A pitch-perfect promo video sells the concept of simplicity for this revolutionary new product.

JLab Invisibuds

Earbuds are getting more and more discreet, but JLab's Invisibuds are the most discreet you can get. They are invisible. The battery life can reach 8800+ hours of playtime and it can pair to up to 100 devices at a single time. The prank promo video promises the earbuds won't play Nickelback, Stairway to Heaven, or Kanye West. JLab has an actual product page where you can buy the buds for $20. Of course, you'll get something more functional than just an empty box.

Newegg: The Dot PC

It's time to downsize your PC. Newegg launched the world’s first consumer quantum computer: The Dot. Big on power but small stature. It has to be seen through a microscope through another microscope as it is a-millionth of a millimeter wide, two-millionths of a millimeter high and weighs just over 75 pounds. And this is the world's first PC that’s probably utilizing a superposition CPU, a subatomic interference custom loop cooling system, and a quantum entanglement GPU. With The Dot, you can run an AAA first-person shooter in 8k at up to 360,000 fps and the game can run for two sometimes three minutes before crashing.

Dyson Zone

Last but not least, Dyson released air-purifying headphones with active noise canceling on March 30 called Dyson Zone, which was born to deal with a variety of outdoor pollution problems. After 30 years of air filtration expertise, 6 years of dedicated research, and over 500 prototypes, this wearable high-end audio device has been created. With a contact-free visor to supply a continuous stream of purified air to your nose and mouth. So, you can breathe cleaner air anywhere. Many people find this news unbelievable and a little ridiculous, but time will tell us whether this is true or not.

Although there are not as many April Fools' jokes as before, there are always "new products" that can make us laugh and look forward to the future. Anyway, which new product will you pick?

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