iPadOS 16: All the New Features Coming to the iPad

iPadOS 16: All the New Features Coming to the iPad


There are a lot of computing gadgets nowadays. We have mobile phones, iPads, and laptops among others and these devices have operating systems that keep on getting updated. One thing about Apple Corporations and their different lines of products is that they keep improving their OS to accommodate better features that people value.

Looking at their iPhones, why would someone that bought iPhone 12 will still want to buy iPhone 13 pro max? It's simply because such a person intends to get a value not present in the iPhone 12. In this article, we would be talking about the new operating system of Apple's iPad and all the new features that makes it better and more preferable.

Trying to get a tablet?

Are you contemplating getting a mobile device with a wider touch screen than your phone? If yes, I am sure you might be considering getting an Android tablet. If I were to be in your shoes some 3 years ago, I would consider a tablet also. But with the latest Apple's iPadOS 16, I would choose the iPad twice over an android tablet.

These iPads can be categorized into three types. They are iPad Pro, iPad mini, and iPad. These product lines have great aesthetic appeal coupled with 5G compatibility and a fast wireless connection. Apple's iPad products have been manufactured with several mobile operating systems like iPadOS 12, iPadOS 13, iPadOS 14, and iPadOS 15 with similar and peculiar functionalities.

However, recently, a new version of iPadOS was announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2022. This iPad operating system is called iPadOS 16 and it is getting released in September.

Great Features of iPadOS 16.

To be honest, I am excited about this updated iPadOS 16 because I love to try new features on my iPad. And the good news is that this iPadOS 16 upgrade is possible on most iPad devices such as all models of iPad Pro and 3rd gen. & above of iPad Air. Other compatible models are iPad (5th gen & above) and iPad mini, also from 5th generation & above.

Hence, if your iPadOS could be updated to iPadOS 15, it surely can be updated to this latest iPadOS 16. All you need to do is power your device, update and get ready to blow your mind with the great features of the iPadOS 16 pointed out below.

1. Increased multitasking

Multitasking is one of the major benefits of iPads. It allows you to work on different apps at the same time. However, with the beta system of the iPadOS 16, there is efficient stage management in which you can easily flow in between apps just like in windows OS.

That is, the opened app icons are shown along the left side of the screen and you can choose the one to take up the whole screen just like your mac laptop. Also, multiple apps can be opened in different window sizes right on the screen.

2. iCloud Photo Sharing

Another beautiful feature of this new iPadOS is that not only are your beautiful photos saved and secured on iCloud, but you can also now share them with your loved ones and family. This allows you to have more connected time with your friends & family because you all can view memories together, laugh, and communicate just by seamlessly sharing photos.

In this iCloud Photo share, anyone can organize, edit photos, and add or delete photos in the shared photo library. This means I don't have to share photos on third-party apps which sometimes reduces picture quality.

3. External Screen Display

This is one feature I have been waiting for Apple to implement in their iPad line of products. Mirroring unto a 4:3 external display was good, but was not convenient. However, with the new iPadOS 16, you can now display on an external monitor like a TV what you are working on. This is made possible with the stage manager.

To effectively connect your iPad to your external display, you will need a good USB C hub. Preferably a 6-in-1 USB C hub with 4k 60 HDMI that allows you to connect to an external monitor and at the same time charge your iPad, plug in an external mouse, and use a fast wired internet connection.

4. Collaboration Tools

I am really into the new collaboration tools feature. It makes it easy to work together towards a common purpose while carrying everyone along. One of these collaboration tools is the new message function. On the upcoming iPadOS 16, you will be able to share presentations, notes, safari tab groups, updates on projects, and reminders among others through messages. 

I must say with this feature, you might not really need a Mac laptop or any other laptop. Your iPad when updated to this new iPadOS will properly serve the purpose of a laptop. All you need is a good foldable iPad stand that allows you to work easily on your iPad without wearing your hands out.

5. New weather app

I am sure iPad users were the ones that requested this weather update. And I must say it's a good one that Apple deems it fit to include in the update. You can now view beautiful and enlarged maps on your iPad. Not only that, this weather app gives information about your local weather forecast including hourly precipitation levels.

6. Expanded Note-taking

Another awesome feature giving me excitement is that with the new iPadOS 16, note-taking will be better. This means I can now include screenshots in my notes, and add in already typed text in the note app. In addition, shapes can now be inserted and handwritten notes will be improved to make them look less handwritten.


As earlier mentioned, continuous improvement is essential if development is aspired. This rule is not only applicable to companies alone but to individuals as well. Looking at Apple, their continuous improvement is obvious and this improvement has birthed the iPadOS 16 which would be released in a month.

This operating system contains the features mentioned above and many more beautiful features such as dictating to Siri, reference mode color display, upgraded game center, freeform productivity app, etc. With all being described, I hope you are excited with me about this iPadOS 16 already and cannot wait to update your iPad to become an iLaptop.


Author: Yuusuf Oluwaseun Adetona

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