How to increase Internet speed?

How to increase Internet speed?


We are in a world where disconnection from the internet is like disconnection from life. I don't know if it has happened to you before, but I want you to imagine it. Picture yourself working on your smart devices and you are trying to connect to the internet, but it's not working. You can't search Google, get materials, work on that project, upgrade your games, open up applications, and the like. Imagine this situation continues for about 24 hours, how would you feel?

Slow Internet Speed?

Another annoying thing I do not wish anyone to experience is slow internet speed. Slow internet speed is like being stuck in traffic for over 6 hours and within those 6 hours, your vehicle could only move for 30 minutes. Apart from the fact that slow internet speed can be frustrating, it wastes time. What you could have downloaded within the space of one minute, could take 5 minutes. However, in this article, you will learn about what to do to increase your internet speed.

How to Make Your Internet Speed Faster?

1. Operating System Upgrade

If you are working in a place where the internet connection is relatively fast but your system internet speed is poor, then try upgrading your system's operating system. How this works is that as you upgrade your OS, the system software in charge of internet connection such as TCP, IP, SMTP, and the like gets updated to provide a better internet connection.

2. Give your Router a Boost

Is that router slowing down your work because its connection speed to your Local Area Network is slow? The next time you observe this, quickly reboot your router. Another particular reason your devices might not connect well to your router is the location of your router. Hence, ensure your router is well-positioned for your devices to easily connect with it. Another thing to do is adjust the antennas on your router.

Furthermore, to get your router working perfectly, shorten the distance between your router & your computer and remove physical obstructions. If there is no improvement in your internet speed after doing all these, then you might want to consider getting the latest router with improved internet connectivity.

3. Get an Ethernet Cable

Yes, a wireless connection is indeed more convenient because you can do without the wires while being connected to the World Wide Web. However, if you are not getting the wanted internet speed through your wireless connection, why not opt-in for a better and faster wired connection? Now, there are different types of Ethernet cable hence, you need to be sure of the one you are purchasing.

If you will be purchasing an Ethernet cable, I would advise you to go for a universal one. That is, purchase an Ethernet cable that can work with different devices such as Routers, PC, modems, Servers, NAS, X-box, and play stations amongst others. One of the highly recommended Ethernet cables that fit this category is the 40Gbps Cat8 Universal Ethernet Cable.

4. Cut back the devices connected to your WiFi

If you are working at home briefly and you think you do not necessarily need a router or an Ethernet cable, then you should consider reducing the number of devices connected to your WiFi. The higher the number of connected devices, the slower your WiFi connection and vice versa. To prevent anyone from connecting to your WiFi, it is advisable to apply a password and only give out the password when necessary.

5. Get an Ethernet Adapter

In addition, an Ethernet adapter is one of the fast & reliable ways you can increase your internet speed nowadays. However, there are different types of Ethernet adapters, one of which is 1Gbps USB 3.0 to Ethernet adapter. With this Ethernet adapter, all you need is to connect the USB 3.0 end of the adapter to your PC to enjoy a fast wired connection even in WiFi dead areas.

In addition, there is also a USB C Ethernet adapter for devices without USB 3.0 ports like MacBook, Surface Book 2, and the like. With this 1Gbps USB C to Ethernet adapter, you can connect your computer to your modem, router or network switch.

Other quick tips to improve your internet speed.

1. Close Unused Programs

A lot of times, while working on the system, we minimize the programs or applications we are not using at the moment to open up new programs. However, too many underground programs can slow down internet speed. Hence, try to close unused applications to improve your internet speed.

2. Watch out for Viruses

Viruses use high bandwidth to replicate themselves on your PC. Hence, when you switch on your internet connection, they utilize a big proportion of the connection thereby reducing the strength of your internet connection needed to work on other things. Therefore, it is good to scan your PC to detect if any virus is reducing the speed of your internet connection.

3. Unplug & re-connect your modem

If you are working with a modem and your internet speed seems a bit slow, all you need to do is unplug your modem wait for a few minutes, and reconnect. Slow internet speed with a modem is possible because there might be hiccups in transmitting signals between your home network and the internet provider. However, when you restart your modem, such hiccups fizzle away.


As earlier mentioned, being connected to the internet on a daily basis is a necessary criterion to be involved in the 21st century times. This, therefore, makes internet connection very important. If you want to know how important a fast internet connection is to you, pick a pen and list all your daily activities that require a fast & reliable internet connection. You will find out that almost half of your daily activities require a good internet connection.

Therefore, this article has pointed out various measures you can utilize to improve your internet connection thereby, increasing your internet speed. However, the two most reliable and permanent ways to secure a great internet connection with high speed are to get a stable and fast wired network connection by an Ethernet cable or an Ethernet adapter. Get it on CableCreation now if you haven't got one.


Author: Yuusuf Oluwaseun Adetona

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