How to Choose a VR Link Cable Alternative for Oculus Quest 2

How to Choose a VR Link Cable Alternative for Oculus Quest 2

As we all know, in today's digital industry, whether it is a mobile phone, a notebook, or a desktop, there will be an essential interface, that is, the USB Type-C port. According to regulations of other countries and EU's legislation, the charging connector will be unified for mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, etc., which means that the USB-C connector will have more room for development in the future market. In the highly competitive digital industry, CableCreation, as a professional brand manufacturer of digital accessories, focuses on the R&D, production, and sales of smart hardware and electronic products. We've been deeply cultivating in the cable and adapter industry and aim to get your gear ready for your tech life. So today let's take a look at the VR Link cable.


High-quality VR Link cable brings users a different experience


For many users, choosing the right product is to meet their own needs and facilitate their work or life. CableCreation focuses on quality improvement on products and pays more attention to user feedback. We strive to provide users with high-quality products to improve our work efficiency, and excellent and durable materials can effectively save working time.


CableCreation VR Link cable adopts thickened tinned copper core with multi-layer shielding, it can effectively resist information interference. And besides 3A's fast charging speed, it can realize 5Gbps high-speed data transmission. 1G files can be transmitted in about 3 seconds, ensuring that no delay when during the entire transmission, allowing you to play VR more smoothly. In addition, the data cable has strong compatibility and stability, which acts as a safe escort for the data.


This VR cable is designed with a 90° angle to ensure a stable connection and a better fit, supporting long-distance transmission. As long as it is connected with one cable, it can easily solve the problem of short cables and bring users an immersive experience. At the same time, each user is given a fixed magic sticker, which makes gaming more convenient. The interior of the product is made of high-elastic TPE material, which is soft and not easy to break, and light in weight.


Choose CableCreation to experience more cost-effective


The 3c electronic accessories developed by CableCreation run through USB data/charging cables, audio/video cables, signal converters/adapters, VR cables, professional audiophile guitar audio cables, and other fields.


It is worth mentioning that this product of CableCreation has a very wide range of applications. In addition to commonly used notebooks, computers, and mobile phones, it can also be used in Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Quest. The interface of the product is gold-plated, which has strong anti-oxidation The key to wear resistance and the prolonged service life is to give users a better experience. The price of this product is not high, and it can be described as a truly cost-effective product.


Over the years, CableCreation has been committed to the development and production of more professional and more secure digital accessories. This product can be used in different scenarios, such as mobile phone charging, PC VR gaming, and data transfer. We not only provide five-star products for ordinary users but also provides more cost-effective products for professionals such as electronic enthusiasts and musicians. Join us to achieve a better connection.

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