Clean Up Your Messy Cables with These 4 Simple Management Tips

Clean Up Your Messy Cables with These 4 Simple Management Tips

You should have experienced such an annoying time:

When you're in the depths of your work, you want to stretch but end up accidentally kicking the power cord under your desk, shutting down your computer. This even happens when you don't click save. And if there are children or pets in the house who crave adventure at home, they will also accidentally interrupt your work. That's because the clutter of cables inspires messy desks, unsafe work environments, and curious kids and pets.

Certainly, the easiest way to simplify your cable situation is to use wireless as much as possible. But try your best, you'll never cut all the cables. Like gamers, they don't want to sacrifice speed, quality, or interactivity. So they still plug the HDMI/DisplayPort or Ethernet cable into the monitor or console. So instead of letting the cables run free, let's start eliminating the clutter once and for all with a few tricks.

Label Your Cables

First, figure out what each cable is. Cables may need to be re-plugged if necessary for better arrangement and fewer crossovers. Finding the power cable you need from storage becomes a real chore. So you can label each cable accordingly, making it easier to find the one you want to work with.

Eliminate Unnecessary Length

To avoid a big mess and potential danger, keep the unused cable length tightly coiled and secured. Long cables are common on our desks, TV cabinets, game spaces, or other places. You can use CableCreation multi-colored Velcro cable ties to coil the unnecessary tangles. They can store your cables well and also function as a marker. Then hang the coil on the back of nearby furniture or with a hook on a hidden spot on the wall, entertainment center, or desk to prevent wear and tear. In this way, your horizontal space will look more tidy and spacious, and it also makes clever use of vertical storage space.

Tying Related Cables Together

For some cables that we don't plug and unplug often, we can use our cable tie with a unique eye hole design to tie them together to reduce scatter. Then keep cables neatly tucked away from pets and stored at a safe distance from foot traffic. Fixing the bundles of wires in a hidden place under the table can free up feet space, allowing you to stretch your body more at ease in a tidy working environment.

In fact, as the foundation of every cable management solution, cable ties are always an affordable organization technique. The CableCreation Nylon cord organizer with hook and loop self-attach is gentle enough to avoid wire damage but durable enough to keep cables organized. And using velcro straps is a reliable and reusable option. They’re also incredibly flexible. Anything from thin computer wires to bulky cables can be easily bundled. Besides, you can use it to bundle your pens, umbrellas, or curtains, whatever you need, as long as the circumference of the item doesn't exceed the length of the cable tie.

Use an Extension Cable

This is less common for most people but is also a good idea to reduce cable clutter. If given a choice, it's best to plug the electronics directly into the wall. Use an extension cord only if the power cord is not long enough. CableCreation USB 3.0 Extension Cable helps you organize cables and devices better. For example, with an extension cable, you can run the printer's cables along the wall and place the printer anywhere you want. For Oculus Quest VR, using an extension cable to mount your cable to the ceiling can alleviate the problems of hitting your headset cable’s physical range limitations or cable twisting around your body too many times, improving the immersion of PC VR games.

Looking for tools to tidy up your work area, from desktop to bottom? Our wire and cable organizers will keep your tangles out of sight and mind for a more peaceful working environment.


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