CableCreation 7-in-1 Hub Review

CableCreation 7-in-1 Hub Review

As technology advances, the world has shifted from a slower USB A port to a faster and more universal connection standard -- USB C, which is almost ubiquitous now and is the connector standard for all devices from laptops, tablets to smartphones. That’s good news if you are a fan of minimalism. But if you are looking for an all-in-one device that can handle everything, it will be a hassle.

Lucky for you, there is an ingenious solution on the market: a USB C hub. If you want to connect a wired USB A mouse or keyboard, or an old wired printer, a USB C hub is essential. Of course, it is also a convenient way to add an HDMI connection, an SD/Micro SD card reader, or more USB ports for storage. In this article, we will introduce a CableCreation 7-in-1 aluminum USB C hub in-depth to see if this is the hub you need.

Overall Review

First of all, let's see what ports it has:

2x USB A (3.0).

1x full HDMI.

1x RJ45 (the same as Ethernet cable).

1x SD card slot.

1x microSD card slot.

1x USB C input for charging the laptop through this hub.

Consumers can utilize these 7 ports at one time, which greatly expands laptop connectivity and creates smooth work, school days or holidays. One adapter can help complete multiple projects, eliminating the pressure that comes with a long to-do list. The hub lays flat next to the laptop, directly plugging into one port for a clean and elevated look while making your laptop more multifunctional.

At the same time, it also protects the interfaces commonly used in the laptop. Imagine that when a computer is connected to a bunch of devices at one time, all the cables must be unplugged if you carry the laptop out, and you need to plug them in one by one when you use these devices in a new place. As for the hub, you only need to directly connect or disconnect it from the host, while all peripherals are connected to the hub simultaneously. It is enough to plug and unplug it for one time.

USB A Ports

Two of the USB A 3.0 ports can support up to 5Gbps file transfer speed, compatible with USB 2.0, so you can connect your U disk, hard drive for regular backup or data transfer, USB headsets for better gaming experience, or wireless keyboard/mouse receiver, wired keyboard/mouse to operate your laptop in closed-clamshell mode, etc( But we do not recommend that you use this USB A port to charge your phone or tablet, as the charging speed may not meet your needs.


Mirror your laptop display to the monitor using the HDMI port, plus an external keyboard/mouse can help improve your posture, comfort and productivity at the table. Enjoy a high-resolution 4K@60Hz HDMI display with Ethernet-stream movies or watch videos with ease by simply connecting an HDMI-enabled external monitor to the hub. The USB C hub ensures that your display will be clear as day, down to the very last detail. You can also easily extend your built-in display, perform multiple tasks with an extra screen for work, monitor stock market changes, or simply enjoy gaming in high resolution.

Ethernet Port

If the router is not far from a desk connected to the Internet via a wired connection, it will change your workflow. Wi-Fi has its limitations, you won't believe how faster you work when you plug the Ethernet cable into the RJ45 port of the hub. Its Gigabit Ethernet port allows fast and stable wired internet access-increasing your chances of internet connection in areas with poor wireless connections. It supports 10/100/1000Mbps and features a plug-and-play design for macOS and Windows (8 and later) devices.

Card Slots

For photographers or avid travelers who love documenting the vacations with a DSLR and GoPro camera, if you can’t wait to share the beauty and joy to your family and friends, or on social media, you can connect the SD/microSD card via the hub to your laptop or newer iPad to edit the pictures or videos, or just make daily backups. With the card slots, you can transfer hundreds of photos with 104 Mbps, and the SD and TF card can be read simultaneously, compatible with SD, SDHC, SDXC, microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC cards.

USB C Female Port

Compatible with high-speed pass-through charging, the USB C hub will not slow down the charging speed of the device. It can reach up to 92W fast charging, efficient yet safe, so no matter how power-hungry your laptop is, the hub can handle it well, provided that the power adapter and the charging cable are fast-charging enough. And you’re still able to use the remaining expansion ports optimally.


The compact design allows consumers to take the adapter on the go. Simply put it in the included travel pouch and place it alongside your laptop in your laptop bag, and you're good to go. It’s amazing how much more things you can do with the hub, so invest in a USB C hub today to overcome the limitations of the MacBook or newer iPad and improve your experience.

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