Why We Need Fast Charging For Our Phones

Have you ever glared at your phone with frustration just because it was taking hours and hours to charge? If so, you might appreciate these reasons why we need  lightning fast charging.

 lightning fast charging

How does slow charging affect our battery life?


When a phone is plugged into a charging station that is rated at a rate slower than the charger's output, it will take longer for the battery to charge. For example, if you have an outlet that can only charge your phone at 1A, plugging your phone into a 3A charger will result in your battery not charging as quickly as it would if you plugged it into an outlet that could handle 2A. This is because the phone is only receiving a fraction of the power it needs to reach its full potential.


In addition to hampering your battery's ability to charge quickly, using a slow charger can also damage the battery over time. When batteries are constantly being drained and then charged at a slower rate, their cells can become damaged. This damage can cause the battery to lose capacity and require more frequent recharging in order to function normally.


Why do we need fast charging for our phones?

 1. Phones are constantly draining batteries, which can quickly deplete a phone's battery.

 2.Fast charging can help to recharge a battery much faster than standard charging, which can make a big difference in terms of how long the battery will last.

 3. A charged battery will last longer than an uncharged one and can help to reduce anxiety when having to wait for a charge time for our phones.

 4. Fast charging is also an eco-friendly solution - by recharging our phones quickly, we're using less energy overall, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint.




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