What to Consider Regarding the Use of a MFi Lightning Cable

As your phone gets more powerful and feature-rich, you must ensure that your charging cables are up to the task. That's why we recommend investing in an MFI-certified lightning cable - they're more durable and come with extra protections like surge protection. So if you want your devices to last longer and stay charged, invest in an MFI-certified lightning cable!

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What is a MFi Lightning Cable?


Apple announced their new MFi Lightning Cable last month at the Apple event. This cable is specifically designed for use with Apple devices. The cable is made of high-quality aluminum and has a flexible, durable construction. It also has a built-in MFI chip, allowing you to use it with any iPhone or iPad. Our MFi lightning cable is available in three lengths - 3.3, 6.6, and 10 feet.


Considerations Regarding the Use of a MFi Lightning Cable


When buying a new Apple device, always get a MFi-certified lightning cable. These cables are guaranteed to work with all Apple devices and are the best option for connecting your new device to your computer. In addition, using a MFi-certified cable will help protect your data and ensure you get the best possible experience when using your Apple products.


There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an MFi-certified cable:

First, ensure the cable is designed specifically for Apple devices. Many non-MFi cables do not meet Apple's standards and may not work with your device.

Second, be sure to buy from an authorized retailer. Not all retailers carry MFi-certified cables, and even those that do may not have stock of all cables. Buying from an authorized retailer ensures you get a quality product that meets Apple's standards.

Finally, if you're having charging problems with your device and suspect it's because of the cable, please get in touch with CableCreation to fix charging problems on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad.