How To Use Your USB-C Devices With The New HDMI Multiport Adapter

In the time of convenience, there are a lot of new products that enable you to do things faster and more efficiently. But with these advances come a new problem - what do you do with your old devices? That’s where the usb c to hdmi multiport adapter comes in!

 multi-port Ethernet adapter

Introduction to the USB-C HDMI Multiport Adapter

This USB-C HDMI Multiport Adapter is a great way to use your USB-C devices with your new HDMI display. Simply connect the adapter to your USB-C port and plug in your compatible device. The adapter will then provide a single cable connection between your device and the display. This adapter is also backward compatible with older HDMI displays, so you can use it with virtually any device.


The adapter has two ports - one that supports video output and one that supports audio output. You can use these ports to connect different devices to the display. For example, you can use the video port to connect a laptop to the display and use the audio port to connect an external speaker system. You can even use the same port to both output video and audio signals simultaneously.


The adapter also includes an Ethernet port for connecting to a wired network or internet connection. This is perfect if you want to use your device's internal storage as a backup source for displaying content from online sources, or if you want to access extra features on connected devices without having to open up the display.


What are its Features and Specifications?

The new HDMI Multiport Adapter from Monoprice is a must-have for anyone using USB-C devices. This adapter allows you to use your USB-C device with an HDMI cable, without having to purchase a separate adapter. The adapter has four ports, so it can simultaneously output video from multiple USB-C devices. It also has an audio jack for connecting headphones or speakers.



If you're like most people, you've been waiting for the day when all your devices would be USB-C compatible. Well, the day has come! This new HDMI multiport adapter makes it easy to use your USB-C devices with any existing HDMI display. So if you have an older monitor that only supports HDMI, now is the time to upgrade to a newer model that supports USB-C and also supports HDR (high dynamic range). Not only does this adapter make using your USB-C devices much easier, but it also doubles as a charging hub for your other devices. If you're in the market for a new monitor and need an HDMI multiport adapter, be sure to check out CableCreation’s selection here at Best Buy.