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DP to DVI Cable [2-Pack] 6 Feet/1.8 Meters, #CD0144

CableCreation DisplayPort to DVI Cable, Gold Plated Standard DP to DVI Male Cable with Built in IC Chipset, Black

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CableCreation DP to DVI Cable 6Feet


The DisplayPort to DVI male to male cable connects computer to TV for video streaming, or to a monitor or projector, plug and play;

Ideal for video streaming, gaming, or extending a workstation. It also supports DP, DP++ and DisplayPort++ .

Please Note: This Display Port to DVI cable is not bi-directional, it can only transfer signal from Displayport source device to DVI monitor/ display/ projector.


Support Mirror & Extend Dual Mode


Mirror and Extend Mode Settings:
1. For MacOS: top left corner Apple icon–>System Preferences–>Displays–>Mirror or Extend Displays;
2. For Windows 10, press Windows key + P combination command–>choose Duplicate or Extend.
3. For Windows system laptop, if the external monitor could not work, please update the BIOS and graphic card driver from laptop official website.


Enjoy your Resolution 1080P@60Hz
1.Support video resolution up to 1920×1080 @60Hz for most computers ,displays, monitors and projectors,

backward compatible with resolution at 1080P@24Hz/50Hz/60Hz 720P,480P,576i,480i @50Hz/60Hz.

2.Supports resolution up to 1080P@60Hz, but we recommend you to make sure your monitor/tv could supply corresponding output.
3.If the resolution of your laptop is higher than the external monitor.
For windows:
Windows Menu–> Setting–> Display–> Advanced Display Settings, set your laptop’s resolution same as or lower the resolution of external monitor.
Other Features:


1.Plug and Play, no require any software or drivers or extra power supply;
2.Gold-Plated Displayport and DVI Connectors, ensures a maximum signal quality and stable signal transmission.
3.DisplayPort Latch provides a solid and secure connection. Please press the release button before unplugging.
4.Foil & braid shielding reduces Electromagnetic interference;
5.Tinned copper conductor enhances cable performance.
6.Screw knob design on DVI side, ensures firm connection.

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