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HDMI to VGA, CableCreation Flat HDMI to VGA Adapter, For PC Laptop NoteBook HD DVD and More. Black



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Side 1: HDMI A Male Gold Plated connector (with High-grade aluminium alloy shell)

Side 2: Gold HDB VGA Female Port (with High-grade aluminium alloy shell)

Cable: Flat Cable

Cable Length: 10CM

Cable Color: Black

convert digital HDMI signal into analog VGA video

3.5mm DC Aux cable Connect to VGA Monitor for sound

Enhanced power from Micro USB Port, if HDMI does not support enough Power



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Flat and Nylon Braided Design, give you more options ! Gold Plated HDMI Male to VGA Female Adapter, the VGA side with Sound Audio 3.5mm DC Output Port, VGA Side with a Micro USB female Port, if your VGA Devices require larger power, then plug a Micro usb cable For enhanced power.


Built-in IC chip converts HDMI digital signal to VGA analog signal, Resolution up 1080P, HDCP compliant; Ideal for your NoteBook, Laptop, HD DVD and other HDMI devices; HDCP compliant, does not support HDCP copyrighted content such as Blu-ray discs, PS3, PS4.



Easily and securely connect your PC or laptop to your TV with this HDMI to VGA converter, and every cousin, aunt, grandparent, and stepsister twice removed will be able to watch your funniest moments on a big screen TV.



Power Input: Power supply from HDMI Power, HDMI input: the HDMI input interface; VGA output: VGA signal output interface


SMALL PART BIG DIFFERENCE!  For this adapter, the IC Chipset is the most important thing which will determine the durability and safety.

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