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Cable Specification
-Side 1(Input):
*USB 3.1 Type C Male
-Side 2(Output):
*HDMI Female x 1
*VGA Female x 1
*USB type C Female for charging x 1
*USB 3.0 Female x 3
*RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Female x 1
*Stereo Female x 1
*SD Card Slot x 1
*Micro SD Card Slot x 1
Color: Space Gray
Cable Length: 15CM

This Type-C docking offers integrated solution for power, data and video. It allows you to connect Type-C host
PC to VGA, HDMI for video transmission, to USB-A devices for data transmission. It
also helps the host PC to get access to Ethernet through RJ45 port. Besides, the SD/MMC and Micro SD card
slot helps to read the information of the external memory in the host PC and the USB-C female port can charge
for the host computer

-For 3 USB 3.0 A Ports, total output 10W(5V@2A)
1, OK for keyboard + mouse + flash disk at the same time, as well as other small power usb devices
2, Not OK for more than 2pcs 2.5-inch SSD(5V@1A) at the same time, like Samsung, Kingston or other brands of SSD
3, OK for 3pcs 3.5-inch HDD which all self supplied power source, like WD, Seagate or other brands of HDD

-For SD card, Micro SD card ports, Only read one at once

Bullet Points: Multi function usb 3.1 type c (or Thunderbolt 3) docking, adds HDMI, VGA, USB 3.0, Ethernet, stereo, SD card, Micro SD card and USB-C female charger, Compatible with iMac 2017, Macbook Pro 2017 & 2016, Macbook 2015, Chromebook Pixel or other USB Type C devices. Support 4K x 2K resolution over HDMI, and 1920 x 1200 over VGA port. Please note that USB-C port of device requires DisplayPort Alternate Mode, please make sure to use 1.4 or higher version of HDMI cable and 3+9 VGA cable ! Support USB 3.0 super speed (5Gbps) transmission, downward compatible USB2.0; The total output of the 3 USB-A is 10W(5V@2A), 1 port supports BC 1.2, with max 7.5W(5V@1.5A), the other two ports share max 5W (5V@1A) USB-C female charging port can only charge Macbook 12 inch (14 W), Macbook Pro 13 &15 inch (45 W), or Google new Chromebook Pixel. Multiple USB-C interfaces support plug and play, hot swap, easy for carrying. Please contact us if you have any concerns at all.

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