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Side#1 USB3.0 A Male
Side #2 SATA 2.5” SATA 22Pin Female Cable
Molded PVC Jacket
Cable double shielded PVC jacket
Cable length is 0.15Meter

Bullet Points: USB 3.0+ USB2.0 (for enhanced power) to SATA 22pin female, Connect your 2.5” HDD to your PC or Laptop.

Super Speed USB 3.0 interface technology data transfer rate can go up to 5Gb/sec (Maximum) It does NOT work with 3.5” HDD,

Because the 3.5” HDD need 12V power, Laptop or notebook offers only 5V Power Connector type: Dual port 3.0 USB. SATA 15+7 pins,

power suppply host USB port Short cable easy for carrying

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