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Side 1: Metal Toslink Male molded

Side 2-1  Metal Toslink Male molded

Cable: Double Shielded,

Color: Cotton Jacket

Cable Length = 12 feet


Bullet Points:

Connects high-performance audio components, like CD players, Blu-Ray players, DVD players and game consoles to a receiver/preamplifier, audio processor or digital-to-analog converter.


Molded PVC hood, Works with all standard Toslink enabled devices ensuring multi vendor interoperability


PVC molded, corrosion-resistant gold plated connectors and buffer tubing for optimal signal transfer


Fiber-optic cable prevents electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that an electrical cable would incur, resulting in better sonic accuracy and a more natural sound


The package you will receive include 1x  (12 feet) Toslink Optical Digital Audio Cable OD:6.0mm

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