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CableCreation  USB3.1 USB-C (Type C) to Standard Micro USB B Female Adapter  

Side 1: USB -C Type C Male (Gold Plated) Target/Device Side)

Side 2: USB 2.0 Micro B Female(Gold Plated) (Host Side) 

Item Color: White Color

Very Important for buyers:   

For this Adapter, Micro USB B Female Side is HOST,  USB 3.1 USB-C (type C) is TARGE/Device!

So it mostly work together with a USB A male to Micro USB B male Cable. The USB A Male Side Connect to a  PC/Computer Power Bank or Wall USB Charge to charge your USB-C Device, Like new Nokia N1 tablet etc.


Question 1:  This is USB3.1 GEN1 Adapter, Will it reach the Super Date Speed of 5Gbt/s?

Answers 1:  Mostly NO, This adapter is GEN1, but most the USB A Male to Micro B Male Cable(from Buyers) is USB2.0  Version So it is hard to Reach the Super Speed of  5Gbt/s. Mostly 480Mbt/s

Bullet Points:

NEW UPDATED VERSION! This adapter use quality 56kΩ resistance to protect your devices from damage,

Compliant with USB Type-C Specification Release 1.1. section  


MICRO USB B FEMALE IS THE HOST SIDE, Mostly Connect to a cable ( USB A Male to Micro USB B Male Cable), So USB A Male side actually is the HOST, The USB A Male Side connect with PC/Computer, Power Bank, Wall USB Charge Adapter to Charge or Sync data for USB-C Device (Like Nokia N1 tablet etc.)

USB-C (TYPE C) MALE IS TARGET (Device Side)…Connect to Nokia N1 tablet etc. for Charge or Sync Data.

CableCreation’s Short  GEN2 Adapter tested Speed is 10Gbt/s, However the actual Speed expected to be 480Mbt/s in case of working with the USB A male to Micro USB B male cable from buyer side.

REVERSIBLE DESIGNED USB-C PLUG, COMPATIBLE with All the device that has USB-C Port , 100% Contact Efficiency.

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