CD0594 firmware

Date: 2018-11-28   Author:    Hits: 1427

1, Make sure you have a laptop or PC running Windows 10

Or use bootcamp to install a Windows 10 on your Mac.

Here is the link how to install Windows 10 on your Mac.

2, Connect CD0594 to your laptop or PC.

3, Download the folder I attached.


4, Unzip the file.

5, Run “UsbTool1.1.exe”  executable file.

6, Click ISP—Programming—you would see ”Programming firmware into Spi-flash?” popping window—click “Yes”.

7, Then replug the adapter.

(If you met updating errors, exit the program, then rerun the executable file, you can also unplug the adapter, and the reconnect the adapter to have a try.)

8, After updated successfully, the version would be V-B7.

Any more questions, just feel free to contact with us at

CableCreaton Support Team