CD0395,CD0396,CD0443,CD0444 firmware updated on Dec 13, 2017

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CD0395,CD0396,CD0443,CD0444 firmware updated on Dec 13, 2017

The firmware solved the VGA issues, MacBook Pro stuck, MacBook Pro 15-inch could not work Apple LED Cinema Display(CD0395,CD0396).

Step 1, Plug the CableCreation USB-C hub into your Windows laptops with DP altmode(such as Dell XPS 13, Yoga 900, Samsung Notebook 9)

          Or you can install Windows 10 on your MacBook with USB-C Gen 1/ MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 ports through Bootcamp(

          Make sure you have to update the firmware through laptops running Windows 10, do not use virtual machine.

Step 2, Connect the hub's HDMI port-->HDMI cable-->Your HDMI monitor(VGA and mini DP monitor can also work), make sure your HDMI monitor can show your desktop of your MacBook Pro or other laptops.

Step 3, Download and Unzip the file I attached in the following link, then open the folder.


Step 4:  Run McdpAuxISPTool.exe file , waiting for about two minutes until you see "ISP completed". 

Step 5: Disconnect the hub 

Step 6: Reconnect the hub and then connect your LED cinema Display or other monitors to have a try.

Any other questions, please contact with us at

Thanks very much

CableCreation Support Team