CableCreation USB 3.0 to VGA Adapter Drivers CD0032

Date: 2015-12-18   Author:    Hits: 8950

How to download and install the drivers for your Mac & Windows Computers ?

For MacOS X and macOS.

1, Visit the correct link to download the driver
2, Use your “Admin” account to install the driver.
You can go to left-upper apple icon System PreferencesSecurity & PrivacyGeneral Allow apps downloaded from website and identified developers, or your Mac probably could not be installed the drivers correctly.
3, Restart your Mac.
4, Set the corresponding VGA port as your TV / Projector / Monitor’s input source.
5, If you need to mirror or extend your Mac’s desktop, you can just go to left-upper apple iconSystem PreferencesDisplays to set “mirror displays” or not.

For Windows.

1, Visit the correct link to download the driver.
Download and install the driver with your “Administrator” account, you can also visit your PC or laptop’s official website, update USB 3.0 host controller to the latest version.
2, Restart your laptop or PC
3, Set the corresponding VGA port as the input source, make the connection stable and securely ( If your VGA cable has the screws, please tighten the screws).
4, If your just hook this adapter to your VGA monitor directly (not as the external monitor), after your started your PC, please be more patient, since the adapter would work until you see the login Window, your VGA monitor would not show anything when you just push the start button on your desktop.
5, If you need to duplicate or extend your desktop, you can use "Windows+P" combination order, then pop different options, you can choose duplicate or extend your monitor.

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