Who we are

Date: 2015-11-30   Author:    Hits: 7539

CableCreation is a newly launched brand, but our team & manufacturing experience is more than 10 years. We like cables; study & sell cables.

Cables are small & funny thing, PVC+Copper molded together to transfer data or charge your phones etc. But CableCreation is strong in the faith that : "Small Cables but big difference"

CableCreation is just started, we will launch  a crazy speed the new cable groups which will convert most end consumers daily need.

CableCreation will not sell cheap cables, for sure our price will not be high if customers really knows cables. our plug is gold plated, the wire is pure copper or tin-plated copper.

We Know.

What is important to our customer. For more than ten years of industry experience, we have valued the power of open dialog with our factory, partners, and customers. Because of this ,our team today possesses extensive sales and product development expertise. We work every day at offering our customers consistent high product quality as well as economically viable innovations.

You Get.

A comprehensive overview of CableCreation Group's powerful portfolio, Our CableCreation Professional brand provides you with compelling products and dependable work materials. We will always offer modular and tailor-made comprehensive solution. You can count on us for competitive prices and short delivery times. Take a look at our extensive products on amazon store. I believe you will be able to find to meet the needs of electronics products.